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As time goes by, people find themselves they are on the go much of their time; for this reason the Computer and Telecommunication Industry has brilliantly seen the need to streamline our portable devices.

For this reason they have designed the SMART PHONES and TABLETS

A smartphone is a high-end mobile phone built on a mobile computing platform, with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone . The first smartphones were devices that mainly combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone or camera phone . Today's models also serve to combine the functions of portable media players , low-end compact digital cameras , pocket video cameras , and GPS navigation units. Modern smartphones typically also include high-resolution touchscreens , web browsers that can access and properly display standard web pages rather than just mobile-optimized sites, and high-speed data access via Wi-Fi and mobile broadband .

The most common mobile operating systems (OS) used by modern smartphones include Google 's Android , Apple's iOS , Microsoft 's Windows Phone , Nokia 's Symbian , RIM's BlackBerry OS , and embedded Linux distributions such as Maemo and MeeGo . Such operating systems can be installed on many different phone models, and typically each device can receive multiple OS software updates over its lifetime.

The distinction between smartphones and feature phones can be vague and there is no official definition for what constitutes the difference between them. One of the most significant differences is that the advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) on smartphones for running third-party applications [4] can allow those applications to have better integration with the phone's OS and hardware than is typical with feature phones. In comparison, feature phones more commonly run on proprietary firmware , with third-party software support through platforms such as Java ME or BREW . [1] An additional complication in distinguishing between smartphones and feature phones is that over time the capabilities of new models of feature phones can increase to exceed those of phones that had been promoted as smartphones in the past.

A tablet computer , or a tablet , is a mobile computer , larger than a mobile phone or personal digital assistant , integrated into a flat touch screen and primarily operated by touching the screen rather than using a physical keyboard . It often uses an onscreen virtual keyboard , a passive stylus pen , or a digital pen

The term may also apply to a variety of form factors that differ in position of the screen with respect to a keyboard. The standard form is called slate , which does not have an integrated keyboard but may be connected to one with a wireless link or a USB port . Convertible notebook computers have an integrated keyboard that can be hidden by a swivel joint or slide joint, exposing only the screen for touch operation. Hybrids have a detachable keyboard so that the touch screen can be used as a stand-alone tablet. Booklets include two touch screens, and can be used as a notebook by displaying a virtual keyboard in one of them.

Early examples of the information tablet concept originated in the 19th and 20th centuries mainly as prototypes and concept ideas, the more prominent the Alan Kay's Dynabook . First commercial portable electronic devices based on the concept appeared at the end of the 20th century. During the 2000s Microsoft attempted a relatively unsuccessful product line with Microsoft Tablet PC , which carved a niche market at hospitals and outdoor businesses. In 2010 Apple released the iPad based on the technology developed in parallel with their previous iPhone , and reached worldwide commercial success.

The tablet computer and the associated special operating software is an example of pen computing technology, and thus the development of tablets has deep historical roots

The depth of these roots can be quite surprising to people who are only familiar with current commercial products. For example, the first patent for an electronic tablet used for handwriting was granted in 1888. The first patent for a system that recognized handwritten characters by analyzing the handwriting motion was granted in 1915. The first publicly-demonstrated system using a tablet and handwriting text recognition instead of a keyboard for working with a modern digital computer dates to 1956.

In addition to many academic and research systems, there were several companies with commercial products in the 1980s: Pencept , Communications Intelligence Corporation, and Linus were among the best known of a crowded field. Later, GO Corp. brought out the PenPoint OS operating system for a tablet computer product: one of the patents from GO corporation was the subject of recent infringement lawsuit concerning the Tablet PC operating system.

One of their drawbacks is their limiting space to carry multi media devices, as CD, DVD.

Another of their drawbacks is their storage space and memory capacity.

Because of these limitations, CLOUD COMPUTING is becoming more and more popular.

Experts say, in the future CLOUD COMPUTING is going to be used to access applications, such as WINDOWS OFFICE, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, AUTO CAD or any other application a consumer might need, to work on an ongoing project and save their work in the CLOUD.

Companies will be storing their data BACKUPS as a redundancy for their local data backup

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